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This beautiful gifts brings sensual warmth and a delicately scented-touch to the heart of winter.
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Indulge in this luxurious and tantalising gift inspired by sunset in Provence when the sky is set alight, embracing all the shades of gold.

Zesty and aromatic at first, this signature fragrance collection unexpectedly melts into an infinitely gourmand heart, before settling into sensual balsamic and musky base notes.

This exquisite gift includes:
• 90ml Terre de Lumière Eau de Parfum Limited Edition Design
• 50ml Terre de Lumière Gentle Shower Gel
• 50ml Terre de Lumière Beautifying Body Lotion
• 30ml Terre de Lumière Radiant Balm
• 75g Terre de Lumière Scented Soap
• in a L’OCCITANE signature gift box.
The essence of the Golden Hour As the day draws to a close, the sky is set alight, embracing all the shades of gold. Beauty is suspended in time and this stunning spectacle reaches its height. This is the golden hour. The light soothes the senses as the body surrenders to this moment of well-being. Terre de Lumière is a fragrance with heady ambitions, crafted and fine-tuned to bring a sense of profound joy and absolute serenity. Terre de Lumière