Relaxing Massage Oil

A massage oil which helps to relax the senses and ease away tensions.
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A must have for a perfect relaxing ritual; this massage oil helps to relax the senses and offers a moment of well-being. 

Its 100% natural, soothing scent is the blend of pure essential oils of lavender, sweet orange, bergamot, mandarin and geranium, for a moment of well-being and peacefulness. 

Made also with sweet almond oil from Provence, it leaves skin supple and silky.
Apply this oil on your body and massage.

To become even more relaxed, spray the Relaxing Pillow Mist and place the Relaxing Perfumed Sachets on your beside table, in addition to the Relaxing Massage
Sweet almond oil: nourishes and softens (rich in omega-6 and in unsaturated fatty acids)
Essential Oils relaxing cocktail (lavender, bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange, geranium) from Mediterranean sea: relaxes and soothes
Proven Results

100% natural scent with proven soothing effectiveness

Effectiveness test based on instrumental measurements


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