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Relaxing Candle

Relax with the long-lasting scent of  lavender from Provence combined with sweet orange, bergamot, mandarin and geranium.
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Enriched with a blend of essential oils known for their relaxing properties, this elegant scented candle fills your home with a soothing aromatic atmosphere.

PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) lavender from Provence is combined with sweet orange, bergamot, mandarin and geranium, for a moment of well-being and peacefulness.

To extend the lifetime of your candle

1 - Before lighting your candle, straighten out the wick and trim the wick to 1cm. 

2 - Every time the candle is lit, it is preferable to make the wax melt over its whole surface before extinguishing it. 

3 - Avoid exposing to drafts. Never burn the candle completely. Dispose when 1 to 2 mm of wax remain in the container.

Safefy Precautions

- Never leave a lit candle unattended

- Place the candle on a heat resistant surface

- Keep away from children and pets

- The glass may become very hot after a long period

- Do not burn for more than 4 consecutive hours

- Do not move the candle when lit

- Never allow the wick to come into contact with the glass.


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