Aromachologie Relaxing Bath Salts

These salt crystals from Camargue can be sprinkled into your bath water for a moment of pure relaxation.

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Aromachologie Relaxing Bath Salts


The distillation of essential oils is at the heart of L’OCCITANE. A process that captures the highest concentration of a plant’s benefits, it was many years ago in Provence that our Founder, Olivier Baussan, first distilled rosemary and lavender. Our new Aromachologie body care collection combines essential oils to offer effective products with proven well-being effectiveness. These salt crystals from the Camargue region of southern France can be sprinkled into bath water for a moment of pure relaxation. Made with the essential oils of lavender, bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange and geranium, these bath salts have a 100% natural, soothing scent.


For a pure relaxing moment, pour 2 spounful of bath salts in your hot bath water.


Aromachology brings together scents in natural cosmetic formulas. It believes in the union of aromas and the power of products to promote well-being. L'OCCITANE has placed this science at the heart of three expert ranges to take care of your skin, create an environment conducive to sleep, give you an invigorating morning boost or help recharge your batteries and release the tensions of the week. Learn more about our Aromachologie Collection Aromachologie


Essential Oils relaxing cocktail (lavender, bergamot, mandarin, sweet orange, geranium) from Mediterranean sea: relaxes and soothes Camargue salts: contains beneficial minerals


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    Aromachologie Relaxing Bath Salts

    104,00 lei
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