It is my passion and desire to preserve
the traditions of the Mediterranean
and it's riches. It's bounty, beauty
and fragrances inspired me to create

Olivier Baussan, Fondator L'OCCITANE
L'OCCITANE is a unique brand focusing on the well-being of women and men alike. It seeks to create harmony, which links the pleasure of the senses with inner balance. The products range from skincare to home fragrances. All are manufactured in the time-honored traditional way using fine natural ingredients, primarily from Provence.

The company was founded by Olivier Baussan in the south of France in 1976. The first shop and mail order service was opened in Volx, France, in 1980. The current factory in Manosque was established in response to an ever-growing distribution network. In the mid to late 1990s subsidiaries were opened in the United States, Hong Kong and the United Kingdom.

Today, L'OCCITANE Romania has employees in its 7 boutiques in Romania and in the selected Sensiblu pharmacies.

L'OCCITANE also has a significant worldwide presence, with boutiques in nearly 90 countries. All products and boutiques reflect the Company's core values of authenticity, simplicity, sensory pleasure and respect for people and the planet. From simple, natural ingredients, L'OCCITANE creates products that serve the ultimate goal of well-being in ourselves and in our homes. The fragrances are varied, unusual, natural and wonderfully appealing.

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