Cap Cedrat Gel-Cream After Shave

Helps to moisturize and soothe the skin after shaving With cedrat essential oil.
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The zesty and aquatic notes of Cap Cedrat Gel-Cream After Shave, leaving a fresh and invigorating scent on the skin. This multi-benefit formula helps to moisturise and soothe while reducing the feelings of irritation and tightness caused by shaving.


Proven Results

94% Skin is hydrated*
93% Skin texture looks refined *
89% Skin feels soothed*
89% Skin feels comfortable*
86% Skin seems strengthened *
86% The feeling of irritation is reduced *

*Satisfaction tested on 35 men over 4 weeks

Apply to face and neck after shaving with circular motions.
Essential oil of cedrat: Perfumes Bisabolol extract: Softens and soothes Sunflower oil : Nourishes, regenerates Glycerin : Hydrates Birch sap extract : Firming, tonifies