Angelica Hydra Vital Mask

An ultra fresh gel that rehydrates the skin.With essential oil of angelica.
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Angelica Hydra Vital Mask


The Angelica Instant Hydration Mask is an ultra fresh and water-soaked gel that rehydrates the thirstiest skin within three minutes. The skin will instantly draw all the hydration it needs to provide radiance, comfort and freshness all day long. The skin will be fresh, plump and thirst-quenched.


Apply a generous layer of Mask on the dry skin, as often as needed (2 to 3 times a week).Leave on for 3 minutes. If necessary, remove the surplus with damp coton or toner (toner is better to let the active ingredients penetrate afterwards).


Angelica is an exceptional plant that grows incredibly fast due to its hydration capabilities. L'OCCITANE has placed this amazing plant at the heart of a complete face care range to intensely rehydrate and revitalize the skin. Both angelica essential oil and angelica water have been used in our collection of face care products which help to restore the skin's natural beauty.   Angelica


Angelica water: protects from free radicalsSugar: exfoliates, gently scrubs dead cellsPure water: intensely hydratesEssential oil of angelica: protects from free radicals

Proven Results

In day 1, Skin is instantly rehydrated

Effectiveness observed by 28 women over 28 days


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