Almond Shower Oil (Travel Size)

Enriched with almond oil, this gentle cleanser leaves behind a mouth-watering almond scent.
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You won’t forget the first time you use our famous Almond Shower Oil!

When the almond oil comes in contact with water it instantly blooms into a thick, luxurious foam that leaves a satin-soft sheen all over your body. Our award-winning Almond Shower Oil is an ideal alternative to typical shower gels and is kind to even the most delicate skin. 

 So fill your bathroom with the heady, sumptuous scent of Provence.
Apply on damp skin. Lather and rinse.

Additional advice: Apply the oil in the shower as a shaving base, to help the razor glide easily over legs, underarms, and other sensitive areas.
Soothe your body and mind with the radiant power of Provençal almonds. An iconic asset of the south of France, our almond trees blossom with clouds of white flowers that drift on our warm breeze. We have bottled this phenomenal nut into our Almond Collection - a range of oils, body washes, moisturisers and skin firming treatments that will refresh, cleanse and calm.   Almond Bath & Shower Almond Body Care Almond Hand & Foot Care Almond
Almond oil: nourishes, softens, helps to preserve the hydrolipidic film

Plant-based soap: creates a soft, cleaning foam  


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    Almond Shower Oil (Travel Size)
    Almond Shower Oil (Travel Size)
    37,99 lei
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