A melting body balm deliciously softening for pampering moments.
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The Delightful Body Balm awakens your senses and lets you enjoy a truly indulgent experience. Ideal for massage, its exquisite texture melts deliciously onto your skin, enveloping it in a veil of comfort and nourishment. Formulated with a perfect blend of almond butter and almond oil from Provence, it leaves skin feeling nourished, more supple and incredibly soft, while its delicious, subtle scent immerses you in a feeling of absolute well-being.  
Close your eyes and delight in the delicious sensations… 

100%* of women who tested the Delightful Body Balm said they experienced a moment of pure pleasure.*

*According to a sensory test conducted on 30 women over one weekend.
Apply all over the body and gently massage into the skin with slow, circular movements.
Soothe your body and mind with the radiant power of Provençal almonds. An iconic asset of the south of France, our almond trees blossom with clouds of white flowers that drift on our warm breeze. We have bottled this phenomenal nut into our Almond Collection - a range of oils, body washes, moisturisers and skin firming treatments that will refresh, cleanse and calm.   Almond Bath & Shower Almond Body Care Almond Hand & Foot Care Almond
Almond butter: Nourishes and softens
Almond oil: Nourishes, softens, helps to preserve the hydrolipidic film