Almond Velvet Balm

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A rich and melting body cream, enriched in almond tree native cells, to help act on 5 key signs of body aging: dryness, skin slackening, lack of tonicity, fine lines and skin irregularities.
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Almond Velvet Balm


Formulated with a regenerating complex of almond native cells, this rich and silky body cream acts on 5 key signs of body aging: dryness, skin slackening, lack of tonicity, fine lines and skin irregularities. Its flowery and powdery almond tree flower scent leaves a feminine and sophisticated veil on the body. L’OCCITANE is committed to purchasing almonds from producers in the South of France so that the almond tree, which had long been forgotten in the region, once again becomes a familiar element in the Provençal landscape.


Apply twice a day on the entire body (thighs, tummy, chest, arms…) massaging into the skin with circular motions and work upwards.


Soothe your body and mind with the radiant power of Provençal almonds. An iconic asset of the south of France, our almond trees blossom with clouds of white flowers that drift on our warm breeze. We have bottled this phenomenal nut into our Almond Collection - a range of oils, body washes, moisturisers and skin firming treatments that will refresh, cleanse and calm.   Almond Bath & Shower Almond Body Care Almond Hand & Foot Care Almond


Almond native cells extract: improves cellular regeneration, skin firmness and skin density Sweet almond oil: nourishes and softens (rich in omega-6 and in unsaturated fatty acids) Almond proteins: smooths Almond bud and rose extract: helps refine; acts on the 3 key steps of fat release (hydrolysis, transport and degradation of fatty acids)Shea butter: nourishes, softens and protects (rich in vitamins and fatty acids) 

Proven Results

Immediately skin looks plumped

Results observed by 32 women


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  • My winter sales aquisition: great product with results seen from the first application on skin.I recommend it along with the Almond Firming Gel for additional power. 2cm off my waist in 2 weeks usage.

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