Arlésienne Delicious Gloss

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Arlésienne Delicious Gloss


A naturally rosy gloss, subtly scented with the floral notes of Arlésienne. This silky gloss dresses the lips with a rosy shimmer and leaves them deliciously scented with the floral bouquet of Arlésienne.

Arlésienne is also available in a collection of fragrant body care products that leave a captivating, feminine scent on the skin. Give in to the temptation of this floral bouquet, which brings together three flowers emblematic of Provence: rose, violet and saffron.


Apply on lips to color them and make them shine.


Arlésienne, an evocative name that entrances and intrigues, captivates and enthralls. Today, this self-assured young woman celebrates her feminity. Today, she takes the ribbon, a symbol of her personality, her unique and bold character. L'OCCITANE celebrates the beauty and refinement of this iconic woman with our Arlésienne collection; a subtle bouquet of rose for her grace, sweet violet for her mystery and saffron for her temperament. Arlésienne


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